Suits to Beat the Heat

09 Anteprima SS2018

Suits to Beat the Heat

On 30C + days, how do you beat the heat in your suit?

There are certain fabrics that are better than others for beating the heat. For example, linen is a fantastic light fabric that is extremely breathable. But it may not be entirely workplace appropriate due to their signature creasing. But there is a cheat around this, linen blends.

Linen blends will give you the summer comfort you need while still looking professional. Linen and wool or linen and cotton blends (like the berry suit above) will accomplish the more professional look while giving you a competitive edge on your colleagues arriving to work jostled and sweaty from an overcrowded commute in. Adding a vest certainly doesn’t hurt to give you more professional look while also differentiating yourself without standing out.

You can also opt for a lighter weight wool fabric. Wool is often conceived as hot and scratchy. However wool is a natural body temperature regulator. What this means is that it keeps you cooler in hot weather and warmer in cool weather.

Finally, you can also try Ermenegildo Zegna’s cool effect fabric. This fabric uses patent technology and coats the fabric with a sun-reflecting finish to help keep you up to 20% cooler.

Wearing linen may feel strange at first, but with most fashion-related changes, ask yourself if it’s uncomfortable or unfamiliar. If it’s unfamiliar, it may become more comfortable as you get used to the new fabric style, look, and feel.

Linen/Cotton blend suit in light blue.

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