What’s the Right Tuxedo Style for Me?

What’s the Right Tuxedo Style for Me?

What kind of tuxedo should I get? A good place to start is to think of you personal “brand” or what you’re comfortable wearing.

If your brand/comfort zone is conservative and the event is most formal, we suggest to go with the following:

  • Black Tuxedo
  • Black Satin Trim
  • Peak Lapels
  • Jetted Pockets
  • Single or Double Breasted (Single may be more comfortable)
  • Shirt with tuxedo studs (with or without pleats)
  • Wingtips
  • Black bowtie
  • Black socks
  • Black patent leather shoes, Whole Cut Shoes, or Tuxedo Slippers

Formal Wedding – Your wedding invitation said formal or black tie. Here are some suggestions.

  • Black, navy or muted colour tuxedo (mostly muted colours as you don’t want to steal attention from the bride and groom)
  • Any type of lapels (Peak are statements, shawls are fashion-forward and the notch is most casual)
  • Jetted Pockets
  • Single or double breasted
  • Shirt with collar or wingtips
  • Bow tie (black, not necessary)
  • Shoes with a dressy welt

Cocktails/Cultural Events (Ballet, Opera, etc) – Here’s where you can rock that red-velvet tuxedo jacket and the Tom Ford looks you love so much. It really comes down to your personality and what you’re comfortable with.

  • Any colour/pattern Tuxedo

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