6 Backyard Wedding Looks with Notes and Tips

6 Backyard Wedding Looks with Notes and Tips

Backyard weddings are fun and intimate, but what are you going to wear? Here are 6 relaxed looks to inspire your choices for your backyard wedding.


Look 1 – Vests:

If you’re going super casual, try wearing a vest. This groom set himself apart nicely by wearing the vest and having his groomsmen in suspenders.

What to consider when buying/making a vest:

  1. Single breasted or Double? Either a single or double would be fitting for a casual feel.
  2. With or Without the Lapel? This vest has a lapel which gives it an extra element of formality which is nice because even in a casual setting, it’s good to set yourself apart in subtle ways. Having a lapel also allows for you to have somewhere to pin your boutonniere.
  3. Breast pocket? If you’d like a pocket square with your look, go for a breast pocket. Or if you want to go for a sleeveless suit look, it’s nice to have the pocket square too.
  4. Scoop? Scoops aren’t flattering for all body types, and vests with lower scoops are better for tuxedos. If you want a scoop custom made, try one of first and see if you like the way it looks.


Style Notes

Pants:  Make sure your pants are hemmed and tapered appropriately. Opt for slight to no break for a more contemporary look (like the gentleman on the right).

Shoes: If your shoes aren’t fresh, freshen them up with a bit of care. Not sure where to start? Almost every mall has a shoe repair store where they can give new life to your banged up shoes (like the guy on the left). Or if you are downtown Toronto, check out our friends around the corner, Rob at Rob’s Best Foot Forward on Toronto Street.

Look 2 – No Jacket & No Vest

What to consider when buying suspenders:

  1. Colour? Dark is more formal, so by going with a solid, dark coloured suspender, you’re bringing more formality or more respect to your wedding.
  2. Width? Do you want wide or skinny suspenders? This is a personal preference, but also how does it fit with your proportions. Try them on and if they’re not looking right, try a different width.
  3. Button-on or clip-on? There’s nothing wrong with clipping on a pair of suspenders, but to achieve a more bespoke look, opt for buttons. Don’t have suspender buttons with your trousers? Most alteration shops should be able to add these for you. Whatever you do, don’t wear suspenders and a belt. If you have one, you don’t need the other.


Style Notes

Tie: His tie has a nice pattern that fits in with his look, and no, it’s not too short (it is a bit, but when it’s a purposeful decision worn with confidence, it’s a fun look to add to the casual/approachable environment suitable for a backyard wedding, but perhaps not for a boardroom meeting).

His tiepin/clip is at the right point, in between button 3 and 4 (not at the waist). A lot of men tend to wear their tie clips too low, but the rule of thumb is in between your 3rd and 4th button (Third & Fourth, that would make a good tie clip brand name). 

Trousers: He opted for a clean and classic wool fabric with an appropriate colour for a wedding. As much as I like loud and bright pants, a wedding shouldn’t be your chance to steal attention from your bride or partner. Think about how you can compliment the person you will be standing next to.


Look 3: 3 Piece Suit

What to consider when buying a 3 piece suit:

  1. Mixing or Matching? Mixing your vest with your suit is a nice touch. Again, consider staying within a neutral/sold colour scheme to not steal attention away from the person you are standing next to. Matching is classic and allows for the fit and fabric to do the speaking. 
  2. Colour? For colours, you can opt for something with a bit more “vibrancy”. This doesn’t mean something that is bright, per se. A navy can be either dull or vibrant, and similarly, a bright blue can be dull or vibrant. How do you know? Trust your eye.
  3. Fit. Again, make sure your clothes fit well. A vest should sit at your waist.

Style Notes

Hems: Hemming your pants is an absolute must and generally costs between $10-$15 and most stores have an arrangement with local tailoring/alterations shops nearby. This groom has too much fabric collecting at his ankles, we don’t want that for you. If you want a tapered look, you’ll have to hem your pants higher. If you have a looser fit, then you can wear your pants with a break as it will fall around your shoes in a more flattering way (and not into your shoes).

Shirt Collars: One detail that’s not a mistake but that I would change is the collar on his shirt. The tie gap (which is the space between the flaps of your collar where you button it up) is either too big or not done up (a lot of men skip doing the top button if the collar fit is too tight). With our Eric Sana custom shirts, we opt for a clean 0” tie gap. I also would have recommended more of a spread and a slightly longer collar to compliment his head shape and proportions.


Look 4: Linen

What to consider when buying linen suits:

I absolutely love linen suits. They have lots of character, but most importantly, they are extremely comfortable in warm, humid climates.

  1. Fabric Composition: The key to linen suits is to opt for a blend, that way it won’t wrinkle and crease if you look at it the wrong way. Linen and wool and linen and cotton make for a great pair (maybe as good as you and yours to have and to hold). Straight linen has loads of character and is perfect for a beach wedding, but if your vibe is backyard more so than beachy, then opt for a linen blend.
  2. Lined or Unlined? Lining adds protection to your suits, but having it unlined is more comfortable (less fabric to trap body heat). I recommend partially lined to have a balance of protection and comfort.


Style Notes

Cuffs and Collars: Notice the collar is too loose, which is typical for men who have a thin neck, 15.5” or less. The collar should fit close to your skin, and if it feels “choky”, that may be because of the collar height more than the tightness. When a collar is too tall at the front, it can encroach on your Adam’s apple giving you a feeling that your shirt (like your cat) is trying to kill you. The sleeve cuffs on this shirt are also too loose, and if your shirt cuffs are too big, ask your tailor to add adjustable buttons, or make a note of it on your next custom-made shirt.

Look 5: Light Colours (And Great Shoes!)

What to consider when buying a light wedding suit:

  1. Light colours are suitable (no pun intended) for summer weddings, and if you’re not into “refrigerator white”, then opt for an offwhite, light tan, or even a super light grey. With a backyard wedding, the options are more, and you get to set the tone.
  2. The darker your suit is on the “light” spectrum, the more you’ll be able to wear it again for other occasions or seasons. Both suits in this picture would be more than appropriate to wear too as guests at future weddings.

Style Notes

Shoes: If you have killer shoes and you’re going for a sockless look, go for no break or a higher set hem (or even a cuff). Also, the sockless look isn’t always sockless, often men are wearing “sockets” in a nude colour. Doing so adds some comfort and protection for the inside of your shoes.

Lapels: So far we haven’t seen any peak lapels on our looks, and it seems like the trend has been more on the thin side of lapel width. But have some fun there too. A fuller lapel is more optimistic and generous, which is why you tend to see them more when the economy is booming.


Look 6: Plain White Shirt

What to consider when buying a plain white shirt:

  1. Make sure it fits well! If you’re going as minimalistic as this, your shirt is going to have to be on point. When we make you your made-to-measure shirts, we tend to go extra-fitted around the waist to minimize any “blousing” or bunching of fabric to give you a cleaner look.
  2. May also help to have a fit body, a deep tan, and great hair (that never hurts).

Style Notes

Smiles: Being able to make your other smile is priceless. Make sure you are both smiling a lot at your wedding!

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