How to Rock Workplace Casual

How to Rock Workplace Casual

With more and more companies going the way of casual, how can you make sure you stand out in the right way?

The Blazer.

If you’re working at Ubisoft or Goldman Sachs (they just announced suit and ties are optional), you can have a blazer that fits your environment and personal style. A blazer is good for you if your image is tech-nerdy/cool or if you’re more corporate.

A blazer elevates your look while still being approachable.

3 things to look for:

  1. Length – your blazer jacket tends to be shorter than a suit (which in turn is shorter than a tuxedo jacket). The shorter you go, the more casual you get.
  2. Textures – even if you’re going with a solid, opt for something that has either texture or something that has something interesting going on with the weave.
  3. Versatility – a blazer gets mixed and matched with all kinds of different looks. You want your blazer to easily fit with most looks so that you can throw it on in case you have a meeting you forgot about. Dark and neutral colours also help with making sure your garments are able to easily switch between looks.

When buying a blazer, you may want to consider buying a fabric that could double as a suit. This way, you can mix and match to get more out of your suit, but also, when you buy a suit, it’s often more affordable than purchasing your trousers and blazers separately. The reason for this is that when they cut the fabric with your pattern, they can piece and fit the trousers and jacket in such a way that there is less waste.

Why have it made-to-measure?


With made-to-measure, you choose your customizations, like lapel shape and width, style options like a contrasting or matching pic-stitch, lapel buttonhole, type of lining and whether it’s fully lined or half-lined.

Avoid the boxy look.

By having something made specifically for you, it will fit much better than most things off the rack. Long or short arms? One of your shoulders lower than the other? Do you typically slouch or stand with a straight back like a soldier? Are your hips forward? Do your shoulders slope more or less? Do your arms rest forward or back? These all impact your fit.


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