Is your suit keeping up with you?

Is your suit keeping up with you?

Not everyone who wears a suit has an office job. If you’re in the hospitality industry, real estate, customer service or are in a wedding band, a wool suit may be too delicate. Or maybe you like to bike to work, ride a busy streetcar, or even longboard to work and your pants wear out and your jacket loses shape too quickly. Your suit needs to be able to keep up with you. So what are your best options?

100% Wool Natural Stretch

One of the problems with stretch fabrics is they often look like stretch fabrics. A blazer shouldn’t go well with yoga pants. Traditionally, stretch in fabrics was achieved through the use of synthetics like lycra or luon. However, Estrato, a mill based in Spain, has taken a different approach and have achieved stretch without using any synthetics. How? Through their weave.

By wrapping the wool fibres in such a way that it creates mini coils within the weave of the fabric, Estrato has managed to make a 100% wool fabric that has generous give. What this means is that you can now have a 100% wool suit that allows you to move through the world and function no matter what your job requires you to do.

Trevira Blends (Not Polyester)

Another option is a Trevira blend suit. Trevira is a synthetic, however, it is not the same as polyester. Polyester tends to pill, traps heat, and has a shine (it deserves its bad reputation for suits), but Trevira is something else completely. Unlike polyester, Trevira won’t pill, allows for moisture to escape, and doesn’t have a shiny finish to it. By adding Trevira to wool to make a suit, you end up with a durable suit that has as much if not more comfort and functionality of a 100% wool suit. Furthermore, Trevira is environmentally friendly and biodegradable as it’s made from natural inputs.


One of the key reasons garments fall apart is from a bad fit. When your garment isn’t fitted properly, you can put a lot of strain on your seams and the fabric itself. That’s why having your suits made-to-measure by someone who understands fit and measurement taking is just as important as the fabrics you select for your suits.



Are you ready?

You can be ready for almost any situation when you combine both the functionality and durability of  Estrato stretch fabrics or Trevira blends and the expertise of a tailor. Whether you’re lifting boxes of wine, getting in and out of your car all day, jostling for a spot on your commute home, or dancing it out at a wedding, your suit should keep up with you.


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