Measuring Up: How to Measure Your Shirt

Measuring Up: How to Measure Your Shirt

The measuring tape. One of the things we recognize from when our mom used to hem church pants in the living room or from measuring $9.99 IKEA frames. This ancient Roman device is used by tailors all over the world but not every one of them effectively. Typically for a made-to-measure shirt, a tailor will take 4 measurements; chest, neck, and both arms. At Eric Sana, we take up to 15 to ensure that every inch of your shirt is yours:

Each measurement plays a very important role in making a shirt that fit’s your body properly… and to make sure that no one borrows your shirt. Let’s break down some of the measurements:

We measure the hips so that the shirt remains close to the body, even when tucked in. This prevents mushrooming. Each sleeve is measured independently. Very few people have identical arm lengths due to differing shoulder heights. Next time you step out the shower, check out your shoulders in the mirror; some men vary up to 1/2 inch. And while we’re on the topic of limbs, we also measure bicep circumference to prevent the sleeves from flapping in the wind. Wrist action – If you wear any type of wrist wear, whether it be a watch, fitbit, bracelet, etc., we’ll take that into account for wrist measurements.

Lastly, one of the most important measurements: the shoulder-span. This will be used to produce the yoke of the shirt, which is the material that drapes your shoulders on the back of the shirt. If your yoke is too long, your sleeves won’t fit properly; if it’s too small, it’ll pinch under your arms and lift the cuffs off your wrists. We don’t yoke around.
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All these measurements are great but we need to measure one more thing. Your brain… well, your style to be exact. Our commitment to client’s personal style is paramount. No matter how measured to your body an item may be, if it’s not conducive to your style or wardrobe, you won’t wear it. A typical questions is; “Do you wear clothing slim/tapered or with some extra room for comfort?”  No matter what your personal preference is, we are here to make clothing for you and that’s why we continue to love what we do at Eric Sana.  Check out the video below as our founder and namesake, Eric Sana, describing the importance of fit. Let us know if how we can help you by emailing us here!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuXrIN2sMNU

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