4 Styles to Impress (and Survive) Your Next Holiday Party

4 Styles to Impress (and Survive) Your Next Holiday Party

It’s that time of year.

The only times we go out is to work, eat, buy gifts and shovel. Oh and Christmas parties. Seeing how this can be the sole source of social interaction outside the house and your occupation, you have to come correct!

There are so many things to factor: games, drinks, food, conversation… dribble… Jeff from HR… your boss. So with all these people and activities to preemptively plan for, you have to be strategic with the wardrobe choice. One that looks good but also doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard. One that is coordinated but doesn’t prevent you from crushing Chris at musical chairs.

Here are some options that you can pull off with the help of Eric Sana:

Tom Ford in Velvet Blazer and Tux pants
(source: GQ)

The Pro

You’re the person that people look at everyday and say “Damn! Where’d you get those from?” You can’t drop the ball during the holidays unless it’s New Year’s (excuse the poor joke, I couldn’t help myself). We suggest a look that is comprised of something simple but coordinated.

A stretch wool suit with a bespoke shirt to make sure you can move with ease from the conga line to schmoozing it up with upper execs. Maybe even a velvet blazer with your suit pants if that’s your flavour.

Details: Let the finer things in the suit do the talking; velvet, micro-pinstripe or tonal plaid. Paired with a made to measure shirt and flexible soled derbies or brogue boots.

Frank Sinatra in a shawl neck cardigan
(source: Art of Manliness)

The Cas

You’re the guy that doesn’t take anything too seriously but seriously get’s things done. Something simple like dark denim, plaid shirt and a cardigan is all you need to make a statement. Stepping it up with the layers while also keeping it cas with the plaid shirt.

Plaid is traditional and tribal. You are a tribe of your own.

Details: Dark denim is clean and slimming; stay away from prefaded denim at all costs. Plaid will add great texture and topping it off with a solid wool cardi says that you care. Shoe selection should be equally as effortless with clean white shoes or a pair of desert boots.

Jumping into the Flowers
(source: Outfit Trends)

The Mover

You move. You jive. You dance. There is no game that you will refuse!

In the office, you have to get up and stretch every hour or your leg will fall off from shaking. Similarly, you will be the DJ’s best friend at the holiday party; be ready to move since all your music requests will be answered.

We suggest some chinos or lightweight khakis on the bottom with a printed dress shirt on the top. Something with character like a micro-checker, paisley, or floral. Sports coat is optional.

Details: Deep green chinos are perfect for the season and when worn with a brighter printed shirt on top, it will lighten up the pants. Pair with some white sneakers to bust a move.

Train Ad from Japan
(source: Japan Today)

The Wild-One

Keep it together. Don’t drink too much. Don’t get fired.

Details: Garbage bag with a head hole.

And there you have it, the perfect outfits to make the best impressions, no matter what your style. Let us know what you’ll be wearing this holiday season and tag us on Instagram (@ericsana) with the hashtag #GiftofCustom.


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