The Urban Suit: Everyday Tailored

The Urban Suit: Everyday Tailored

Fashion culture is urban culture.

What is urban culture? The adaptability to an ever changing landscape through various mediums, such as art, music, transportation… style. Style has always been a way to reflect one’s lifestyle but what about those who want to look tailored and still feel free to move?

Let’s look back at where the fusion of form and function began in men’s fashion and tailoring.

Image via: TIME

Prior to the 1800s, nearly everything was tailored as the economy of scale had yet to be established. Each piece made to measure and to perform for a specific function. It was function that developed form; the utilitarian piece. The sports coat was used exactly for that; playing polo, boating or hunting. The oxford shirt was worn by polo players for the high breathability and the collar buttons to prevent from being slapped in the face when the wind blew. Even the humble tie started as a military accessory to protect buttons.

So why not apply this same mentality of multi-functionality to the new urban settings many of us call home?

If you skateboard or bike, you’ll want a suit that will move with you, not against you. Heck, even if you’re running late from pressing the snooze button too often, you’ll want to jump over your couch and sprint out the door with ease.

Though not a foreign concept completely, wearing tailored pieces in active everyday settings is something yet to be seen on the wide-scale. The Well-Suited Man exudes confidence in any circumstance, whether weaving in and out of rush hour traffic, longboarding down Sunset Blvd or jumping into an executive meeting.

Here at Eric Sana, we have a range of beautiful wool materials from Trabaldo Togna’s Estrato line that will give you the range of motion to tackle any circumstance but also the breathability to prevent overheating.

Come in, choose a material, get measured, pair it with your favourite Vans and kick-push away.

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